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Are you considering Google HPA?

Google HPA
Tuesday, 2013, April 30 - 8:30am

Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA) is comprised of sponsored price listings that appear in Google Hotel Finder, Google Places (Google+ Local), Google Maps, and occasionally Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Facilitating a Google HPA is similar to that of an Adwords campaign where you work with a dedicated advertising budget to manage daily and monthly budgets per property, campaigns and bids as well as track conversions and setup alerts and additional reporting. Google HPA also requires daily bid and as spend management and optimization for best results.

Originally the HPA services were jumped on by OTAs (Online Travel Agency) but now as Hotels attempt to bring more business internally and improve their technological dependencies we’re seeing some major brands participating.

Since any independent hotel or global chain can participate in Google HPA  it appears at this time that it is the soon to be must-have for any hotel, resort or casino as part of the property’s comprehensive multi-channel digital marketing efforts. In addition it may help to shift share from the OTAs to the hotel website and provide one of the top ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending).

Are you using Google HPA? Let us know why or why not – your response may be featured here in a later blog post.


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Heads in beds, winning market share in 2013

Wednesday, 2013, April 10 - 2:45pm

Content marketing – list yourself everywhere

There is an estimated 2.4 billion people using the internet around the world. Of those users who are making travel arrangements, most visit multiple online travel agencies, social media, and review websites before making a purchase decision. Your hotel must ensure brand presence in all travel-related websites in order to increase awareness of the hotel name.

The more online travel agencies you can list your hotel with the more potential there is for additional brand benefits. If you’re a small hotel this can increase the number of available packages you offer, while if you’re a large hotel you’ll be able to tap additional guests through the travel agency’s ability to market content in multiple languages and existing market penetration.

Rate parity – don’t compete with yourself

Every empty room is a profit you'll never see. Many hotels will offer special packages with travel agencies, yet they many hotel websites won't list those packages. Don’t limit yourself by missing direct opportunities, and don’t lose out on paying your own hotel those commissions on package deals. A hotel offering the lowest rates on their official website will discourage users from booking elsewhere and increase confidence in booking direct through your hotel website. Over a longer period of time, this reduces the commission setbacks you experience from revenue sharing.

Know your customers – Implement and use a CRM

Most hotels offer some type of guest loyalty program through incentives or cash rewards which encourage onward promotion to guest’s friends and colleagues. Leverage this by using automated campaign and mailing programs to stay in touch with you customers with special packages, discounts and promotions.

Get social with social media and monitor and respond to all travel related website mentions of your brand. Respond to posting with courteous remarks and to negative comments express gratitude in pointing out the flaw and offer a solution if possible. Even bad postings can be used to generate positive promotion if handled correctly.

Be dedicated

Hotels are dependent upon the dedication of staff and management to their primary duties. If you can automate routine reservation and customer relation tasks through careful application of new online technologies you will free up hotel employees to do what they do best: keep every guest satisfied, comfortable and looking forward to another stay.

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