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Will Gmail's 'Quick Action' Buttons Impact Your Inbox?

A Gmail Inbox
Friday, 2013, June 28 - 1:15pm

Google recently announced new quick action buttons that allow Gmail users to take action on email without ever opening it. Supported actions include event invite responses, review submissions, one-click replies for tasks like confirming emails, and links that take users off-site to perform actions like airport check-in. Google has also added interactive flight cards to email that detect flight delays, connections, and the absence of confirmations for flight departures.


While developers are invited to create their own actions for Gmail, though Google explicitly states that actions should only be used for transactional email where a high interaction rate is expected. Quick Actions should not be used within promotional bulk mail as Quick Actions could be abused by spammers and lead to invasive harassment.

Keep in mind also that Quick Actions only work with Gmail, which account for about 4% of the email client market.

So what are your thoughts on Quick Actions?

Are you considering Google HPA?

Google HPA
Tuesday, 2013, April 30 - 8:30am

Google Hotel Price Ads (HPA) is comprised of sponsored price listings that appear in Google Hotel Finder, Google Places (Google+ Local), Google Maps, and occasionally Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Facilitating a Google HPA is similar to that of an Adwords campaign where you work with a dedicated advertising budget to manage daily and monthly budgets per property, campaigns and bids as well as track conversions and setup alerts and additional reporting. Google HPA also requires daily bid and as spend management and optimization for best results.

Originally the HPA services were jumped on by OTAs (Online Travel Agency) but now as Hotels attempt to bring more business internally and improve their technological dependencies we’re seeing some major brands participating.

Since any independent hotel or global chain can participate in Google HPA  it appears at this time that it is the soon to be must-have for any hotel, resort or casino as part of the property’s comprehensive multi-channel digital marketing efforts. In addition it may help to shift share from the OTAs to the hotel website and provide one of the top ROAS (Return On Advertising Spending).

Are you using Google HPA? Let us know why or why not – your response may be featured here in a later blog post.


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