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Is your Hotel ready for the global market?

global market in 2013
Thursday, 2013, January 17 - 5:30pm

As we get ready to enter 2013 we expect to see more international travelers visiting the states thanks in part to Brand USA launching their $12.3M campaign inviting visitors to Discover America first campaign and  proven as the U.S. Travel Industry is on track to add nearly 100,000 jobs, due to its 2012 Vote Travel and Travel Blitz campaigns.

More international visitors means more web searches on properties as travelers look to make smart decisions on their destinations. If you have been putting it off, now is the time to renew your focus on property websites, online promotions, localization and leveraging the tools your guests use.

Take a look at hotels that saw an increase in revenue this year and you’ll notice many of them revamped their websites with the tools to succeed, starting with allowing users to book in 11 languages. Your hotel’s focus should be investing in building relationships with travel intermediaries, perpetually educating them about your company’s portfolio and offering the required connectivity and solutions to cater to international travelers.

It’s no longer an option for Hoteliers to only focus on local and out of state business travelers, to succeed in 2013 your hotel has to be ready to cater to the global market and appeal to the international traveler - let Amaratech’s mobile solutions help.

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