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Advertising in 2013

Mobile’s Social Networks Replaces Advertising in 2013

social curation in 2013
Thursday, 2013, February 14 - 5:15pm

It should come as little surprise that the emotional connection between vacations and quality of life also paved the way for content marketing to begin to replace advertising campaigns with mobile and social networks being a large influencer for the majority of travelers. If you’re hesitant to believe that simply take a look at what any of the LinkedIn’s Hospitality and Travel groups have to say. But don’t get caught up with what’s worked in the past, think outside of Facebook and Twitter and take a good look at many of the new trends travelers are using to connect and review.

Video is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on web visitors and Google’s YouTube is now the “second most popular search engine in the world” coupled with photo sharing being the new master of content curation thanks to social tools pinterest and instagram bringing in a new age of social media sharing.

Mobile and Social Media are teamed up, whether it’s on your iPhone, Droid or Windows 8 - mobile and social media continue to integrate more and more with software and hardware. In fact, Ericsson estimates there will be over 50 billion connected devices in circulation by 2020, including laptops, tablets and smartphones. In North America, 2013 will mark the first year that online access is greater from mobile devices than desktop or laptop. Smart hotel marketers will keep their eye out for authentic ways to make use of emerging social/mobile applications in 2013.

Summer of 2012 predicted growth for hoteliers paying attention to mobile trends and as 2012 wraps up we’ll start to see a peak in overall mobile app downloads this coming 2013. If you’re business hasn’t developed a mobile strategy, now is the time and Amaratech can help.

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