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Mobile Event Apps - It's wow and it's now!

Monday, 2013, June 24 - 8:30am
  • If you’re planning your next meeting – you’re probably thinking about having a mobile event app as they’ll provide a completely new and more engaging experience for your attendees.  After all, it’s probably what your attendees are already expecting, so delivering it will raise the bar for your meetings or events.  
  • Break the mold, take a risk and get creative with your invite, your mobile app, your content, your room set, anywhere you are reaching your attendees there is room for creativity.
  • When you have a dedicated team of experienced professionals building technology with the goal of delivering enhancements that truly meet the needs of the planners and their attendees you’ll find the Amaratech logo on your mobile and tablet device.

The opportunity to learn more about how Amaratech supports the meetings and event industry is now! 

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