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Meetings & Events Industry Update

Wednesday, 2013, July 10 - 1:15pm

From MPI earlier this year we found that despite unstable economic conditions meeting budgets continue to slowly rise. However, meeting professionals face five significant challenges – all of which Amaratech can help you with.

  • The Introduction of wide-ranging technologies - As new technologies pour into the market, meeting professionals face a relatively new problem: deciding which solutions to use.
  • Meeting professionals are designing meeting spaces and agendas to accommodate attendees who network electronically as well as those who prefer to network face-to-face.
  • Five sets of generational expectations including a multitude of cultural expectations and requirements. The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to provide them with a user experience they’ll love.
  • The need for better risk management. Contract negotiations are becoming more complex as suppliers seek to minimize unallocated resources and planners seek to minimize wasted dollars.
  • While it’s estimated that overall meetings and events will edge upwards of 2.9% for the 2013 year, the meetings are changing to accommodate delegates who can not be away from the office for extended periods of time (shorter meetings, weekend meetings, fewer post-meeting galas and activities). Globally, meeting professionals see significantly shorter lead times. When you only have a limited time to plan your meeting or event - the largest cost reduction will be in migrating from print to digital.

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