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How to Prepare your Hotel Website for Google Penguin 2.0

Thursday, 2013, June 27 - 1:15pm

Google Penguin 2.0 – will continue on the updates brought with Penguin 1.0 and address bad link-building and linking practices. The update to Google’s search engine will penalize sites that use unsavory techniques to help improve visibility within SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google’s team will evaluate a huge amount of data to learn more about 'bad' - or non-organic - links, combing through the mountains of data on the Internet to locate the spots where bad links live.

What does it mean for hoteliers? What should hoteliers do? The following provides an action plan and advice to help hoteliers get ready for this important Google algorithm update.

  • Perform a Link Audit – It’s important to understand where your links are coming from, which of those links are beneficial, and which could be dragging your site’s SEO performance down. If you do not have an internal marketing team, you might need to enlist a digital marketing firm to perform a full link audit. The firm should be able to give you a great idea of your site’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to its inbound link portfolio.
  • Manage Links Through Webmaster Tools – The easiest way to ensure your link portfolio remains clear of any low-quality links is to use Google’s Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Through this interface, you can view all the links pointing to your site, sorting the quality links you attained through targeted strategy and the less valuable or negative links that latched onto your site without your knowledge. 
  • Maintain a Blog on the Hotel Website – Building and maintaining a blog on the hotel website is an efficient and easy way to provide a unique value proposition to website visitors, potential guests and prospective linking websites. The key to utilizing a hotel blog as a potent inbound marketing tool is to post regular updates on upcoming events, happenings on-property, renovation updates and anything else that might attract the interest of other blogs or online publications.
  • Build (Relevant) Links – Executing a robust linking strategy is the best way to build a strong support system of links. Effective link-building starts small and branches outward. Engage quality sites that produce content relevant to your audience first to build a solid base of trustworthy links, while at the same time ensuring the hotel website is listed by and linked to from a variety of online directories and local listings services.
  • Create Quality Website Content – Content is king and working proactively to stock your site with quality content is the easiest way to attract not only web traffic but also links from veritable sources. Regularly publishing quality content will attract the attention of influential sites that have the power to boost SEO through inbound linking.

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