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5 Ways to Monetize Your Event App

Wednesday, 2013, July 3 - 1:15pm

With smartphone usage rates surging, this makes mobile marketing increasingly attractive to companies looking for more exposure. If you’re an event planner hosting a meeting, conference, or trade show, and looking for ways to create new revenue streams, a mobile event app may be just what you need for enhanced sponsorship placement and a better event experience for attendees.

Splash screen exposure – does your app have a loading screen or a “home” page? If so this is a great place to show off your star sponsors and supporters as it’s the first thing everyone who starts up your app will see.

Offer exclusive sponsorship – Having exclusive, high exposure, high impact visibility and not having to share any audience voice can be an attractive offer for your event app, letting a sponsor be king for the duration of your event is often the most popular means of advertisement for a mobile app.

While offering a handful of advertisers a partial share of voice within your app may be easier to sell, expect the rates to be much lower than a single app sponsorship.

Sell enhanced exhibitor/sponsor profiles by listing them first and offering visual upgrades to make them more noticeable and separate them from the others. Exhibitors are always competing for the attention of attendees - make it easy for them to inform your audience and provide additional ROI.

Sponsor attendee messaging – who doesn’t offer paid placements in their email campaigns, whether it’s in a newsletter or a standalone email campaign. Having a sponsored message as an alert from within your app is another means of not just increasing engagement and communication among your audience, but also a way to slip in that special offer from your paid sponsor.

If you want to know more indepth processes for offering these ad spots through your event app, contact us on our website with your question.

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